Abigail Adams Witness To a Revolution
Abigail Adams was born on November 11, 1744 at Weymouth, Massachusetts.Abigail was often referred as the wife of one president and the mother of another. Her Family was of great prestige in the colony. Her father was a Congregational minister, a leader in a society that held its clergy in high esteem. Smith was one of Weymouth’s most prosperous and best-educated citizens. In the novel, she learned that it was the duty of the fortunate to help those who were less fortunate by her father. During her youth, she was small, frail child with fair skin and dark hair. Abigail was not educated but her mom wanted her to be a lady and thought education was for men.
Her and her two sisters, Mary and Betsy, were vary close to each other. They enjoyed listing to people talk about French and Indian war at that time. They loved people like George Washington who were brave and young and when the governor of Virginia placed him commander of a group of militiamen.
In 1761 Richard Cranch introduced John Adams to the Smiths. He thought Abby and her sister Mary were wits. Soon Abigail started to fin d something attractive to John Adams. After awhile John Adams found business in Weymouth. He and Abigail began to fall in love with each other. John started to tell Abby about his boyhood. He told her how he loved swimming and hanging out with friends like John Hancock. He told her how he wanted to be a farmer and how his father tested him if he could handle it. He said him and his father went to work on the farm. They worked all day up to their knees in the mud. Then his father asked him ;do you like farming; John replied yes. But his father didn;t like it and forced John in going to school.