Somehow one person told to me: “Listen, if you will make it, then in six weeks Germany will be lost “. I speak: “What do you mean?” – “Then Germany will collapsed “. I speak: “What do you mean?” – “Then, Germany will collapse”. I have answered: “German people in days of old have sustained wars with Romans. German people have sustained resettlement of peoples. After, German people have sustained the big wars of the early and late middle Ages. German people have sustained then religious wars of new time. Germans had sustained then Thirty-year war.
After, German people have sustained Napoleonic wars, emancipating wars; they sustained even world war and they would sustain ME as well!”Adolph Hitler, 1938 (1)
Adolph Hitler will be remembered by later generations as an evil and almighty powerful leader. We horrified by his image, life thoughts. Compared with him, Mussolini and Franco were novices who wanted to be like him. Under his inspired speeches, humanity entered in the ages of absolute terror.(4)
The history of arrival of a fascist party to authority in Germany is a history of an eminence and Hitler’s transformation into the dictator. To possess absolute authority in the world to what Fuhrer so furiously aspired, it was necessary for him to achieve such authority in a party and in the country. For the sake of it, he was ready to battle to any opponents, and he battled. One by one Hitler removed from participation in game the opponents in a party, all over again founders K.Harera and F.Drekslera. Then, the main ideological contender, G.Shtrasser lost his place.
As a result, in the middle of 30th years Hitler was at the head NSDAP and was recognized as its unique leader. In struggle against contenders on a party Hitler improved the methods based on terror, insidiousness, unscrupulousness. Each stage of inner-party struggle introduced something new in the organization and methods of fascist movement, improved NSDAP due to wha…