The character that generated the most emotional response for me was Antigone.Atfirst she made me feel sorry for her because of what happened to her brother and she was only fulfilling a duty that she thought she had.I was able to relate to this duty.Perhaps I feel this way because I have three brothers of my own and would probably initially, have the same reaction as Antigone did if something would have happened like that to one of my brothers.
There is a strong sense of family that my parents have instilled into my brothers and me and I think that's where Antigone thought her duty came into play.I don't think that I would go to the great extremes that Antigone did.I would probably come to my senses and realize that there is more to life than just death and pride and there were other people who still needed me to be there.
Then as the play continued and I read and watched her argue with Creon.She atfirst made me feel proud of her because she was standing for what she believed in and wasn't bowing down to pressure from a man.Then as the argument continued I started to feel sorry for her because she wasn't getting anywhere with her argument and was just lost in grief it seemed.By the end of the scene, I was just plain annoyed.She had millions of opportunities to say I tried my hardest and maybe the right thing to do is be quiet and go on with my life, but NO, she had to be a whiny spoiled brat and throw a fit for what seemed to me way too long!Who wants to listen to someone whine for that long?Not me!
At the end of the play when the audience finds out Antigone and Haemon are dead I thought to myself well at least she will have her dignity and pride with her and I respected her for that.
Konstantine forced me to look at my relationship with my family a different way.Seeing how his mother treated him throughout the play really made me thankful that my mother at least care…