The political and economic system known as Communism is being use in many countries today.Communism is having a lot of influence in our world today. One of the countries that have Communism as their government is Cuba. The reasons communism came to power in Cuba and when and how will be discussed as well, if it working or not.
The theories in communism started with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.Marx did not believe that the problems of industrialization could be solved by reforming capitalist society.He believed that a new economic and social system should be developed.He based all his theories on scientific analysis of history.Karl and Engels ideas were published in the Communist Manifesto.They had four main ideas:
1. Class Struggle – Communist believe that every society is divided into two groups, which are in constant confrontation.These two groups are the bourgeoisie (the capitalist) and the Proletariat (the working class)
2. Communist Revolution – Communist believe that the bourgeoisie will never willing give up their power.The situation of workers will become so desperate that they eventually will join together and start a violent revolution to overthrow the bourgeoisie.
3. Exploitation of workers – the rich prosper from the labor of their workers, leaving them with the just the minimum needed to survive.Because of this Marx believed it was necessary to abolish private property.He believed that after the revolution, economic production would be in the hands of the state.Class distinction will disappear.
4. Dictatorship of the Proletariat – Workers will establish a society in which they jointly own the means of production.”Workers of All Countries Unite.”All citizens will be equal, sharing the fruits of their labor.Class struggles will end.Government will become unnecessary and “wither away.”
Despite Marx influence on economic thoughts scholars found faults in his philosophy and rev…