Grendel: The Fiend
Grendel was a blookthirsty Ango-Saxon monster that represented all evil. He was known,all throughtout Denmark, for his horrific behavior and murderous appetite. However, nothing could compare to his razor sharp claws and overpowering jaws.
Grendel's behavior was like that of a savage. He was known as mankinds worst enemy. The bloodthirsty demon would kill anyone in sight. Therefore, no man was safe while Grendel was out. He would rip the bodies apart and feed. What he didn't finish,hewould take back to his lair for a midnight snack. This behavior continued for 12 years, untilone man was brave enough to stand up to him.
Grendel's behavior could have been motivated by many things. Perhaps his motivation came from within. It could be said that Grendel was born into evil, from the blood of Cain. His murderous appetite could be another reason he felt the urge to savagely destroy so many lives. Of course, the thought of being different could have driven him to do the things he did.
Grendel's appearance was as feared as his monsterous behavior. He had a powerful jaw that would kill a person in one bite. He had razor sharp claws that could tear a person in half with one claw. His firey red eyes and pointed horns gave him a develish appearance that was as mighty as his grip. Because of his looks, he was feared by most.
Because of Grendel's appearance, behavior, and motivation he was feared by many. These traits made him the typical Ango-Saxon fiend. Eventually, his evil was overcome by good.